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Our program will be easy for schools and parents because of the simplicity of the process. We want everything to run smoothly on a consistent basis, and that's why we developed the perfect plan to help you get started.

1. When spring rolls around, schools, with help from teachers will generate a list of school supplies to send to us.

2. We will review the list and send back a free quote within 1 week.

3. If the price works, we will move forward with order forms and marketing material for the campaign.

4. By the school year's end, order forms will be sent to Bliss. Changes can be made after forms are turned in up to a certain extent.

5. The orders will be processed and produced during the summer period.

6. Orders will be delivered however the customer likes. Bliss will deliver bundles to the student's home or we'll deliver them to the school. Grade levels will be differentiated by labels on the packages.

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