Back to school shopping can be many things for many different people: exciting, fun, or enjoyable are a few adjectives parents normally never associate with this process.  Sure, the excitement within your third grader is starting to get a little uncontrollable as the first day of class approaches, but the process leading to those shrieks of joy? Dreadful.  Long lines, out of stock signs, and sales associates constantly reassuring you that they can "have the item shipped to the store within 5-7 business days" are the last things any parent wants to deal with when picking up a few supplies over their lunch break.  Parents will often find themselves going store to store desperately trying to complete their child's list to no avail. It's time consuming, full of disappointment, and it's an obsolete process.

Many parents have given up on these in-store struggles by turning to online shopping for their school supplies.  While this is a tremendous idea, it also poses its own problems.  It is often considerably more expensive to buy each individual item online due to multiple shipping charges required to get the items to your front door.  A three dollar pack of pencils can easily turn into a ten dollar package once shipping is added to checkout, making this a very unrealistic avenue in most cases.

However, the future of school supply shopping is indeed online. Everyone's time is very important to them and no one should waste theirs digging through heaps of supplies in order to find the ever elusive plastic folder with prongs in every color known to man. 

The solution to this problem is pre-packaged school supply kits.  No, not those bundles that gives you the typical back-to-school starter pack of items.  The kits of the future are those primed and hand crafted to fit the needs of the students' syllabus.  With a process like this, parents can assure their child is fully equipped and prepared to take on their latest challenge, and that's something that I can get excited about.