Trailmaker - Mesh Backpack
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Trailmaker - Mesh Backpack



Keep everything you need conveniently in view and well-organized while in class.   This back pack keeps your gear visible at all times, which helps promote and maintain safety while in school, the airport, or other common areas in public. The reinforced adjustable straps distribute weight to your back and shoulders evenly.  This bag also comes with a haul handle for hanging or carrying.  Choose from black, navy, red, hunter green, and gray!

SEE THROUGH BACKPACK: This backpack is ideal for meeting school safety requirements to ensure everything in the backpack is visible at all times.

CLOTH BACKPACK: For women, men, & kids of all ages. Measures 17 x 13 x 6 and is crafted from high quality lightweight polyester for long-lasting use and durability

ZIP POCKET: Have your child keep their index cards, pencils, markers, crayons, and any other school supplies into this beneficial front pocket for easy access.

MESH BAG:  This mesh bag is lightweight and see-through. 

Product Details

Color:   Clear
Primary Material:   Mesh
Material Family:   Fabric
Padded Straps:   Yes
Closure Type:   Zipper
Contoured Straps:   Yes
Depth:   6 in.
Height:   17 in.
Width:   13 in.
Product Line:   Backpack
Brand Name:  Trailmaker
Product Type:  Backpack
Quantity:   1